Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Room Service & Work Trip

Very often when I travel alone, I like to order room service. I loathed going out to dine alone because that seemed rather piteous. And most prominently,I am a lazy person.

So what did I eat during my last trip (HK and SZ) that resulted in weight gain?

Pics not in order due to blogging with Blogger app.

The dim sum set was from HK Mira Hotel. The Chinese restaurant is a Michelin starred.

The best apple crumpled placed on top of caramel. Simply the best. Plus the city view of course!

Mango with pomelo. I missed home, and so I ordered this together with my main course. Sounded like an excuse? Oh well, actually I am so used to completing my meal with a dessert these days! Bad habit!

My office for the entire week, with city view.

View from my hotel room. SZ is a fast developing state. So many construction going on. Although I travel to SZ as many as three times a year, the surrounding views around my hotel always change. A very dynamic city!

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