Tuesday, June 5, 2012

H 콜렉션 (제 3)

You know what? I lost count of how many Hermes items I bought during these recent month, starting from April.

Ok, let's count, since April (in order):
  • [Paris] Lindy 34 Etain
  • [Paris] Kelly Double Tour
  • [Paris] Constance Belt
  • [Singapore] Dragon Bag Charm
  • [Singapore] Twillies
  • [Hong Kong] Evelyn Long Wallet
  • [Hong Kong] Barista Coin Pouch
  • [Singapore] Piglet Bag Charm
  • [Singapore] Leather bracelet cum bag charm
  • [Singapore] Lindy 30 Orange (!!!)
And it is not even mid year. How am I going to lead a life without H for the remaining months?
Okay, my new purchase. Orange, can you believe it? Orange! The Hermes Orange! And in Singapore. 

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