Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ziv’s First Word

I read “What to expect. Baby’s first year” and was pretty impatient on when Ziv can actually SHOUT, “MOMMMMMY”.

1.5mth – Ziv surprised me with “ah go”. (which according to the book, it should only be achievable when he reaches 4th mth)

2mth – Ziv surprised both me and Kevin with…. *drum roll* … “HELLO”

Babies are really very interesting. They surprise you when you least expected them to.

Recently, Ziv is trying very hard to roll himself one way. I reaslied that he loves lying on his stomach rather than his back, just like this:
(some 3rd mth pics)
I wish he can walk soon, so I can bring him to shopping centers, becoming my official shopping companion.

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