Sunday, November 18, 2007

Full Month and Wedding at Swisshotel The Stamford

Went to a Little Jayden's full month dinner and a wedding dinner yesterday.

Full Month
Baby Galore!!!
Lots of full month to attend, this week alone I had two and upcoming week another one.

Congrats to Emily! Hopefully, Jayden is easier to handle after confinement lady leave for M'sia. If I can do it, you can too!

Disastrous Wedding
Went to Kelvin's wedding (Kevin's friend) at Swisshotel The Stamford. There were 5 wedding held at the hotel concurrently. I told you, I wished I wasn't there, and I wished I should have eaten alot of Emily's full month.

Here's a list of unfortunate events at the wedding dinner:

- I walked to my designated table and waited for almost half an hour and no banquet staff came to offer us drink. I had to literally ‘catch’ one of them to request for drink. The best part was when I asked for a drink, the China nationality banquet staff simply shouted across the table, “Orange juice” and came to pour orange juice on my glass. I was dumbfounded by such rude and disrespectful attitude. I wasn’t even given a choice to choose my drink! Drinks were not refilled promptly, many times we had to ask for refilled. Unlike my wedding at Marriott, drinks (even red wines and beer) were straightaway replaced while half drunk.

- Banquet staff talked loudly in Chinese, pulling each other’s clothes. I hope they understand this was not a ‘playground’ for them, for God’s sake, this was someone’s wedding!

- Cutleries were dirty and stained! This is something which I cannot stand. I hate dirt!

- Dishes were not served at the same time. My neighboring table was served almost 10 minutes ahead of mine. The kitchen was extremely slow in serving food, to me, they didn’t seem to be well prepared, it slowed down the entire wedding dinner, first time in my life encountering a 2nd march in of the wedding couple at 10pm! The dinner was expected to end at 1130pm, I left at 1030pm realizing the rest of the wedding dinner had already ended!

- Banquet staff with low EQ. One of the dishes was steam prawns, the dish came late and the staff merely placed the dish at the middle of the table and left, we saw other tables were being served and yet we were not. Many of the guests had to actually bend over to reach for the prawns. The banquet staff saw that and served only one of the guests. Once again, I was speechless. I noticed our table had no hand-washing bowl, unlike other tables, which had 2 of that bowls. I requested for that, and it came almost 1mintue before the next dish!

- Kevin drank beer and red wine, and none of his drinks were refilled! We wondered, were those drinks refillable or were they based on request! So in the end he requested for coke, and guess what, the banquet staff blatantly wanted to pour coke into the used red wine and beer glasses! When we told them the glasses were previously used for beer and red wine, she still answered, “You want a new glass is it?” as if it was not right to ask for a new glass. And the best part was, she came back ith 2 new glasses. I wondered what she was thinking, or if she brought her brain out to work!

- Food that was left untouched, were taken away by the banquet staff without even asking the guests for permission. Rude!

- Staff was clumsy, one of them tripped and fell behind me. Luckily he was not holding any hot soup, else, he would be pouring the hot soup on guests!

- Staff were not helpful at all. It was so typical of them to stand and daydream after serving the dishes. Imagine, all of us at the table had to stare at the fish and the staff to HINT them to serve us the fish individually. It was oblivious to the staff that they had to serve us! Finally, one of the staff, realized something was amiss, after placing the fish on the table for 7-8 minutes, some one clear headed finally remove the bones of the fish and slice them into small pieces, like they were being minced. After ‘mincing’ the fish, she left the table. Leaving the guests wondered, “what’s next?” At this point of time I really had enough, that I left without eating the “minced” fish.

- Qualities of the dishes were not satisfying. I wondered, how chicken cutlets with crackers (was stated fried chicken at the menu, I think) were able to make it to the menu for the couple to choose. And by the way, some of the crackers were soggy!

ARGHHH.... been to so many wedding dinner and this was really the worst of all. And given that they are a 5-6stars hotel. BS!!!


Blogger Emily said...

The only way to see if I survived with Jayden alone is when I log in to Skype. Keke...

It's strange that their service level was so tad poor. Could be the staff 'nationality'? Oppss..

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