Friday, December 14, 2007

Dining at Equinox

On a lighter note, I took a half day off yesterday to dine with my parents and Kevin at Equinox.

Yesterday was the 5th time I went to Equinox for the year 2007. I must be a FREAK to go there so many times.
I ate 4 plates of foie gras (my favorite). - which is 4 X 2 = 8 pcs

A blurred image of foie gras...
I don’t understand why they increased the price for the buffet since they only added roast turkey, ham and one log cake to the buffet line.

The standard of their foie gras dropped tremendously, it was previously cooked by a China chef now was an talkative Indian chef who kept talking to his colleagues ended up having long queue at the foie gras counter. The way he cooks it, SUCKS! Ruin my favorite food.

After the heavy meal, I went to Orchard alone for Christmas Shopping Part II. Bought some more gifts for colleagues and my gift exchange on the 23rd.

Hopefully walking around means burning off more calories. I also bought a Lacoste polo T for Kevin.

Went home and suddenly realised I have missed out someone in the office, I think I need Christmas Shopping Part III. Should write on a 'To Buy' List!



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