Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meeting with J and S

Initially it was dim sum, then it got postponed… J needed to work on weekend, and then Kevin’s turn to work.

It was an arduous mission to organize a get-together, with 2 busy men.

However, I’m glad we made it. And finally…

On National Day eve, J, S and our family revisited Jones at Dempsey Hill. We love Jones because we can dress casually and loaf around without being glower at from the servers that translate, “Aren’t you guys done?” at some Lucullan level restaurants.

I had the usual Salmon dish, and Kevin the usual enormous brunch set. Ziv finished off his muffin for the first time, it must be good, cause the boy is quite an epicure despite of his age, of course not including Macs.

Anyway, here are some precious moment shared with J and S. We love hanging out with them, and towards the end of the luncheon, we were invited to their abode at The Arc, the views surrounding the house was breathtaking, if not for the haze, we can oversee Malaysia.

Nevertheless, I present the smiling Ziv. Its hard to capture moments like that, because he always smile after the flashlight. I must salute to J, either he has a good camera, or he has fast finger!

Actually behind all these pictures, J was making funny faces and playing toy car with Ziv. He knows how to make pusillanimous boy let loose.

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