Monday, September 7, 2009

Help! Cheated!

Some people said, it’s good that one can get a hubby who wears several hats. And, guess what, I am blessed, in fact, so so blessed. I have a hubby who is fundamentally a husband enacting the role of a typical lifetime partner, that is, and supplementary, a lizard assassin, a chauffeur, a part time cleaner, a part time nanny and most recently, a part time car dealer.

So, with my move of work place to Raffles Place, driving and parking is almost draining half of my stipend! The jaw-dropping ERP charges are squeezing me dry day-by-day even with my chauffeur driving me to work, because this chauffeur did not cover the ERP cost, bear by the boss, aka, me.

So since R1 is parked in the carpark for the entire weekday, it makes no justification to keep her anymore. And hence, Kevin changed his hat and ‘BOOOMMMM’, a car dealer.

He sold my car last Saturday and for the fact that I dumped enough cash to the car initially and therefore I can actually get back 8k through the sale of the car, quite a substantial amount I think. Too substantial that ‘someone’ is eyeing on it. Well, the car dealer was telling me that, there this industry practice, whereby dealer will be given some sort of commission upon a successful deal, and just like you get a assassin to kill some lizards, they need the assignment fee to ‘make a living’.

So, I have no choice to give ‘minimal’ fee to the car dealer.
I am not sure about the industry standard, my dealer asked for 50%.

Good job.

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