Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First day of new job and Taipei Trip

It wasn't really long since my last day at EDS.

Where we still had fun at Sakura, a massive farewell party for about 4 of us in the group. On 17 August, there were a total of 6 staff left the company on the same day.

Well, its time to embrace the new job. What is there to embrace?

People strolled in to the office at about 10am. I reached the office at 9am and almost thought I came in on a weekend. We shall see, more updates on the new stint.

By the way, Taipei was great fun. We practically splurged on every thing from the flight via SQ to lux hotel, Grand Hyatt. Within the short 3-day trip, the money spent is beyond our understanding.
We spent about 600sgd during the first 3 hours at the wholesale centre (straight after we touched down, and took the MRT).

I turned on the TV everyday to learn about the catastrophe that plagued Taiwan, it was sad. It had turned to become a political issue rather than a natural disaster. I know, some people are to be blamed, for playing MJ throughout the night, let's just hope that it is a lesson learnt for the Taiwan govt.

More pics on Taipei, not really alot, since this is a hardcore shopping and feasting trip.

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