Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Monday Blues

It’s Monday again. I hate Monday just because it is the beginning of the week and it seems like it takes ages for me to reach Friday. Weekends always fly past so soon. I haven’t sleep enough! I haven’t shop enough! I haven’t relax enough… I have so much of “haven’t”. Argh…. I hate working! I’ve just dyed my hair to turquoise color… like ash… and I like it. Kevin said I looked like a lian though. Anyway, I don’t think so because I can accompany the low class lian image with high class bags like LV and Gucci, pricey clothes to suit my taste for fashion.

Ok, quit talking about my tresses. Let’s talk about the two colleagues seated beside me. I have two nothing-better-to-do Indian colleagues sitting right next to me. They are so aloof that they seldom talk to me. Not even smile at me. I even thought they have problem interacting until they yak eternally with their own race. Sometimes, I don’t think Chinese are racist, in fact, Indian can be pretty racist too you know. (Not all, but definitely in my case here…) Or if not, let me recall if I kill any Indian for the past few years, if no, I am totally clueless why they detest me so much.

As you know, I am always late for work, hence, normally I will pop into the office light-footedly. These two bluenoses will always ogle at me as if they are the boss. They will always have the “late-again” look on their faces, which I abhor it so much. Today perhaps is the day for a mini celebration. One of the dark spies is leaving the company and that means tomorrow, there will be short of a pair of eyes that read “late-again”. I am elated. But there is one more. So Kevin Yeo and myself decided to plan a mission to get rid of the remaining spy.

I decided to give this mission a name, “Slaughter Black Hai Nan Chicken” or “Black Hai Nan Chicken Down” (whichever you like). Don’t ask me why, if I say this, I will be killed. This mission is not easy as it seems to be, although the target is already in her late thirties. I told Kevin that she is like a stubborn stain on OLD rag. It is not easy to chase her out of the company. Even you use a broom to sweep her out.

Ok enough, bull shit time is over, its time to go home again. Yeh!

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