Sunday, December 23, 2007

Xmas Party @ Home

Pressies for Ziv...

A mini accident happened when we handled the log cake...
The pretty gals... weee woooo weee.... I was hugging Ziv's favourite toy. (He cheated his Daddy in buying the toy for him... Long Story)

5mth old Ziv and Coby are the 'central attractions' of the xmas party.

Oh, did i mention? Snapping a pic with Ziv is the most challenging task!

Of course with all the shouting... "HEYS", "COBY", "BARNEY", "BABY"... we managed to get him to look at the camera. Best part? I wasn't prepared!

Oh yes, not forgetting the presents to exchange.

Hosted a xmas party lunch at home today. It sort-of becoming a "tradition" now to gather all friends at my house, though to many, my house is off the beaten track.

We let loose!
We raised the roof during the presents exchange!
We feasted!

My friends have been a wonderful company. It's nice to catch up with friends, snatch presents from them etc.

This year is special cause of the additional member of the family, Ziv. I wonder if we have more mini members by next Christmas since, both Cindys are married. We shall see.

After the party...

After a few minutes...

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