Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to My Office

It is a quarter to noon. I have been doing nothing since the day begin. Maybe I should also add, I have been doing nothing productive since the day I started on my new job.

Apart from some stale course notes which I have to skim through, briefly, I am, for most of the time, genuinely clueless about what I supposed to do in this new job and what is expected from me.

Sometimes, I get lost in my day dreams, sometimes, my eyelids become heavy and most of the time, I feel like going home to take a rest. That's how bored I am.

The padded lime green partition in my office that separates me and the other colleagues or rather I prefer to call them cubi-mates (since I don't talk to them cause we 'served' different departments) from seeing each other, but that doesn't always prevent us from over-hearing each other's conversations.

What I heard from the snips of loud conversations always revolve around, lunch venues, online games, upcoming movies and whatnot, anything except work. Once in a blue moon, perhaps you will overhear something like, "Oh, we have to submit the proposal on...". Now, that is RARE.

The journey to the toilet IS an exhilarating one. All sorts of windows showing on the monitor screens, like Online Soccer Manager, online forums, Meebo, MSN, MP3 and the best part, they don't even bother to Ctrl-Alt-Tab when caught visiting such websites. Brazen. Even their cubicles look 'motivating' with pictures of demure, dainty and dyed-hair Japanese sirens, ever good looking Andy Lau, famous mumbler Jay Chou and the passe groupie (which I deemed) F4, etc...

So what will you do, if you are not doing work? Answer is almost universal, people EAT. Tea break is usually almost straight after lunch. Eat to kill time, eat to stop yourself from sleeping, eat to establish rapport among colleagues and eat to brighten gloomy days... The piling tibits on each of our desks tell people we are bored and the office looks like provision shops with assorted crackers, gums, chocolates, ice-creams etc.

And not forgetting to mention about the dress code for my office? Be it contract staff, permanent staff, dread-to-come-to-work staff, to them everyday is Dress-Down-Friday. Jeans seems to be the staple apparel for all. Yeah, some women actually did dress well for office but you know, when you see others dressing down, I somehow lost the mood to even put on makeup and dress-up.

That is how environment changes a person, I guess.

So that is my office culture, the place where I will be, most of the time.

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