Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gloomy 8th May 2008

“Goodbye” IS the hardest word.

Indeed, it is.

8th May 2008 is a gloomy day for me; it marks the completion of my service in ST. The decision to move was not done on the spur of the moment, thanks to the advices from close friends and colleagues. At one time, I was like suffering from abulia that I couldn’t seem to make any decision.

I left with mixed feelings.

Feeling of relief, I will not need to do something that is irrelevant to my career and facing importunate tasks everyday.
Feeling of sorrow, I will leave the comfort zone and moving on to a complete foreign company.
Feeling of sadness, I will be leaving the chummy and thoughtful colleagues.

2 years of service. Not considered long, but I have made some very fine friendships, which I will always cherish.

How great is it, when your boss is also your good friend?

I was blessed with a good boss and yet, still chose to go. Sometimes I blame myself. For letting her down, not be able to assist her through her hardest time. I really feel bad.

My extremely nice colleagues treated me to a lot of farewell lunches and they even showered me with gifts. I am deeply moved.

My boss even gave me a MINI ME figurine (see picture above). She is so sweet. It’s not the gift but the heart to do something for me before I left. I even feel more like crying.

Does the figurine look like me?
Anyway, I should not look back on decision made, even though I could be wrong leaving this time. I just have to look forward.

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