Thursday, September 10, 2009


So how does it feel when you lost 2 things that you rely on largely for the past few years?
My house.
My car.

There was a saturnine atmosphere in the air yesterday and today. We were told yesterday that we have to hand over our house keys to the new occupants come 21 Oct. And today, I was told by Kevin that the new car owner is taking over the car tomorrow.

Now, the reality starts to kick in. Initially I was still very contented about the selling price of our house and the amount of money I will get back after selling the car. But right now, I am reticent about selling them even though we made some bucks when selling off the house and the car was practically under-utilize.

There go the days where I can go anywhere I want without calling the chauffeur, there goes the days where I can decorate my house in my style.

Maybe I am too emotional, on the other hand, Kevin seemed to be dealing it with ease, often, with an insouciant shrug of the shoulders. Maybe he is more realistic or cold-blooded, selling the house with profit, why not? Selling the extremely under-utilize car, why not?


When mentioned about our new rented abode, Kevin is always full of brio. I don’t quite understand what so great about paying off monthly installment for someone whom is not even an acquaintance. Anyway, our rental is $2.5k monthly.

We are getting our keys for the new abode on 19 Sep and moving in at our own pace, with some minor renovation, after our Paris trip.

Although our new place is slightly bigger than our current one, but it just doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t have the Celeste’s style, anymore.

One more thing, I am missing my neighbour already, although I always joke about them.

I hope Paris will cheer me up a little or maybe stop the pain temporary. And it will really be a bonus if I can get hold of the coveted Hermes Birkin 35.

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