Friday, March 12, 2010

Being Reliant

As years goes by, as a matter of fact, 14 years, I find myself growingly reliant on my better half. On many things. And mainly trivia matters.

I entrust him to send me to work every day, without fail.
I depend on him to pick me up from work, rain or shine, OT or no OT.
I count on him to pick up Coby’s poo, clean its urine and stock up his food.
I lean on his shoulder for consolation when I didn’t strike the 10 million TOTO draw.
I expect him to be ‘not working’ when I am on MC or leave so that we can have time together.

I became dim-witted because of HIM.
I became tactless because of HIM.
I became a tyrant who refused to take ‘NO’ for an answer because of HIM.

I was coddled because of his assiduousness.

I condemned all hubbies who did not chauffeur their wives around as apathetic.
I even put up with the inaccurate date on my watch just because I refused to learn how to adjust it, knowing that he will do it for me when I pester him.

And tomorrow is our 14th Anniversary. Apart from the dinner at The Lighthouse @ Fullerton, I guess I should have a hand-written billet-doux for him to thank my dearest for what he does for me every day.

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Blogger Emily said...

You forgot to mention on his skills to kill lizards!

Enjoy yourself tonight!

11:58 AM  
Blogger Cel said...

Haha yeah!


12:49 PM  

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