Monday, January 18, 2010

Dream comes true

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
-- Henry David Thoreau

Who would have imagined that I have what I have today when…

My parents moved from a big house to a smaller HDB when we had financial problem back in the year 1990.

During secondary school days, I worked on weekends during school terms to earn pin money for school.

During my poly days, I took up tuition assignments to support myself through school, just to learn to be independent.

Kevin and I took bus 73 to meet each other when we first dated about 13 years ago. Having candle light dinner at Jack’s Place is the chichiest thing to be seen doing.

In 2001, I made a measly stipend of S$1,500 per month. After work, I would attend degree course and give tuition to kids near my house and only return home at 11:30pm. I continued providing tuitions even till the time I was pregnant with Ziv. (It’s hard to give up group tuition classes because the parents refused to let you go, until you tell them that you need to take care of you newborn!)

So! I am not the poorest people in this world, but neither am I born with a golden spoon.

When I was young, I don’t have all the toys that every kids fancy; not to even mention the popular and must-have curios. I yearned for UNO cards, care-bears, Barbie dolls, but I have none. My mother insisted on providing me piano lessons to make sure that I have a backup plan to fall back on, if I failed to do well in my studies.

Having so much deprivation, when I started out working, I tell myself, I want to lead a good life.

I imagined or rather day-dream about my life alot before I sleep. I vehemently believe that to imagine is not being fatuous, to imagine and not working towards what you have imagined IS fatuous. Very often, I made a mental checklist of what I have achieved and not achieved and questioned myself on when am I going to achieve those that are on the pending list.

To attain what I have to date is a benison and before approaching the big 3-0; I am agog to tell the world that I have realized one more dream today and one of my most pressing and critical resolution!

Kevin and I officially own a property worth 1.1 million today!

As some may know, I repined on having MY OWN abode. And now, I got it!! The place that I can call 'my own'. We just signed the OTP (Option to Purchase) form with our agent awhile ago and we both are ecstatic. Cause with those signatures on the papers, it ended the grueling search for properties both online and off line, and it is kinda tough to find one that has the right direction, based on fengshui. Furthermore, and most paramountly, I am not going to pay rental for our sojourn at Rosyth Ville come September!

The hunting story?

About 3 months ago, we saw this duplex unit at Fontaine Parry, it is a penthouse unit with the area of 1744sqft plus a roof terrace on top. We love the layout as soon as we see the floor plan. The area is ideal for a small family like us and Kevin and I love parties and having a big roof terrace would mean more space for gathering activities. And it is the ONLY 2-bedroom penthouse with roof terrace for the entire development! All in all, the unit is apposite for our family! The initial offers did not went smoothly, we issued 5 cheques to get this unit!

Apart from us being happy, I think our property is laughing on her way home after letting us sign the OTP.

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Blogger I, Cactus said...

Congrats gal!!!

It really feels good to have achieved what we wanted :-)

Must have house warming hor.

5:09 PM  

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