Monday, February 22, 2010

Back from a long hiatus

I still can’t believe it that Chinese New Year holiday is OVER!! I took a long leave from work and end up having 9 days of long break. So what did we do during these 9 days?

- Sure-way to get blubber -
I cannot escape from the fate of getting blubber even though I don’t eat bak-kua, love-letters, and pineapple tarts (I don’t like them since young!). It is only this festive occasion that makes me feel that it is OK to pig-out, OK to gamble, OK to sleep late… I LOVE Chinese New Year and all the foods that come along with the occasion like steamboat, 10-course meal and Yu Sheng!
I binged from eve till to-day. The sinful-est meal of all? My visit to House of Seafood with my parents, 4 of us and only 3 likes to eat crabs (my dad hates crabs) and we ordered 2- 1kg crab cooked in 2 different ways! Along with the side dishes to cater for my dad and Ziv, I regretted suggesting this dinner to my parents cause that was the point that my weight started to gain!

Some other highlights (meals):
-- Spizza Delivery (nice but abit pricey)
-- Stone Grill (Ostrich meat) - JB
-- Ju Chun Yuan (Fried CodFish!!)

- Visiting -
I love visiting. To see people whom you only see once a year! It is always nice to get updates on their lives and it is nice to see how little girl transforms to a lady and ready for marriage. It is even better to let Ziv play with other kids and get worn-out so that he will sleep when we get back home.

- Spending a day at our neighboring country -
Had a road trip with Kevin to Malaysia, with the aim to eat, eat, eat and eat! We discovered a few nice restaurants but we missed the seafood place which we used to go years back. Well, lesson learnt, I downloaded the map to the seafood place and I make sure we eat it the next time we go there!

- Watching TVB Dramas -
Completed ‘Sweetness in Salt’ over 9 days and it was great! Now I am a quarter through ‘Beyond Realm of Conscience’!

- Gamble, Gamble and Gamble -
Our mahjong table was setup since CNY eve and it never leave our living room since then (sounded just like my Christmas tree). On CNY eve, my usual MJ kakis came over to our house to play MJ until 6am in the morning. Apart from the usual MJ kaki, I am glad that we recruited more kakis this time round, including my brother, cousin, ex neighbours and unknown players. The gambling only stopped on last Saturday!

So what’s next after Chinese New Year?

Lost weight of course!

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