Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Bite Me

Variety is a spice of life, and in our lives we enacted several roles, wear several hats.

And being a parent comes with a whole truck load of responsibilities. Responsibilities that I can never imagined.

When I got pregnant, I was anxious about Ziv in my tummy, especially his development.
When he came out of my tummy, I was anxious about his physical and mental developments.
When he starts going to school, I get anxious about his adaptability.

And sometimes, you find yourself in a pickle whereby you lost for words for incident like this.

The thing is Ziv has a classmate (gal) 'M' (for monster), she bit Ziv whenever she failed to snatch toys from him. To make the matter worse, Monster-Sore-Loser M did it twice! Damn! The first time I was pretty OK with it because there bound to be commotions when kids get-together. But the second time was a tad overboard. So I asked myself, "Do I want my son to be bullied or to be a bully?" or "Should I tell Ziv to beat M?"

I am apprehensive that he will turn out to be a disesteem bully that everyone loathes later on in his life if I tell him to hit M back. A young kid does not know where is the limit and telling him to hit M may cultivate the little bully in him. However, it is heart-trending to see teeth marks on his delicate tiny arm. I gave up thinking for a solution for this tricky situation.

However when Kevin cheekily told Ziv to hit M, he replied firmly,"NO!" He seemed to know the that beating others is wrong.

Maybe the dilemma is now resolved with Ziv's reply and I believed the boy resembles his Daddy more than anyone else. And definitely not me!

Sometimes I do hope that he can have part of my character so that he is able to protect himself in the future.

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