Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free stuff! Must grab!

Here I am, sitting on the couch with my very much heated laptop on my lap since 930pm, with 'Queen of no Marriage' playing on the background. And me, paying no attention to it.

I can't move.
And I am no gork.
I have to gawk at my laptop screen to ensure that nothing is going to happen to my downloads.

And that's because...

I am downloading free stuff from iTunes for my iPhone.

Thanks G for telling me that Lonely Planet is currently having the 'Volcano Relief Sale' whereby they are offering free guidebooks downloads, mainly for Europe region temporary. The free download will end at 11:59PM tonight and so, I vowed to download them all.

About 15 guidebooks and all I have is an erratic dongle. Sucks.

Next, a celebratory news, I managed to abstain myself from sinful lunches (and only lunch) and attended Yoga for four days consecutively! I will take a break tomorrow, to catch up with my colleagues. I know they MISS me.



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