Monday, April 5, 2010

Long Weekend

The long weekend can either make (it enjoyable) or break (bore me to tears) me depending on what is lined up for me. And the most recent long weekend was terrific, especially that would mean one additional day to spend with Ziv.

I was already “intensely involved” in the mood for long weekend that I started to snake around on Wednesday. And needless to say, Thursday was just a very under-utilized working day with long yoga lesson. The eve of the PH embarked on with a lovely alfresco dining at Fish Market located at Bukit Timah, one of my most patronized restaurants and church-visit to 5 churches.

We were served with a very uniquely prepared escargots served in kueh pie ti shell in some sort of cream cheese and corn sauce, and I had the half lobster linguini while Kev ordered the highly recommended fish and chip. Everything was all well and good.

This year, Ziv went church visiting with my in-laws and he went to 6 churches in a tour bus and reached home even later than us.

The eve of PH was just splendid and the night ended young for us.

Day ended extremely pleased and looked forward to rest of the week.

The day began late with brunch at Hatched at Evans road with the Yip family, aka, the usual suspects for brunch. Hatched has a smaller place as compared to Spruce, Jones and Jolly Frog and nevertheless, the brunch was slightly more interesting than Jolly Frog and it was pretty much less expensive and perhaps that was the reason for spotting so many local in the measly allocated place. However, I was slightly disgruntled with their incapacity to bring out the ‘Animal Farm’ pancakes for the kids and the reason given to us was ‘kitchen is busy’ and at that point of time, how I wished they can remain idle for the rest of the time when they are in business. Crap excuse! Hatched is also rigid with their menu, they refused to change my fried egg to poach egg with no reason given, and I probably be happier if they tell me, ‘the kitchen is busy’ rather than a straight ‘no’. Other than that, there’s nothing else to complain, the portion of the food was pretty substantial and value for money in the eyes of the local.

Ziv is serious about what he eats, he was making sure he is eating right. Haha.

A shot of the mothers and kids. Pale without minimum makeup for me. Don't tell me its the age.

Next, we went in search of costly Clek Ozzi ( booster seat designed by Paul Frank. And just in case you do not know who is Paul Frank, he is the designer who came out with the whimsical monkey character which you can see here It must be the monkey which swept Ziv off his feet and he wants nothing but THE Ozzi booster seat that cost nearly 4 to 5 times more expensive than the normal Kaki Bukit booster seat!

The search for an inspired one was fruitless and we were left with no choice but to drive over to Great World City to buy it and only to realized that Ziv is underweight and age for the seat. Left empty handed from the store. Anyway, we realised that the booster seat was tagged at this price for a reason, the Clek™ LATCH system locks the booster seat into place quickly and easily using your vehicle’s LATCH anchorage system, unlike the rest of the cheaper seats, they can't lock to the car seat and the kids may end up sliding left and right when a car turns sharply.

In the evening, we went to St Joseph Church where most of the Catholic congregate.

Day ended with all of us being lethargic.

Just when the boys were getting more and more comfortable with each other, the brunch ended and so, Emily and I planned a play date cum swimming session for the boys. After Macs for breakie, off they went for the dip. Ziv hasn’t had so much fun in the pool for a very long time, because Kev and I were too lazy to douse in the pool with him.

Here's 2 penguins at large...

Anway, after the half day of fun-filled activities for the boys, I learnt that you can’t put 2 boys together for too long, cause they will start to fight for the slightest things and they can be violent.

After the activities, Ziv had a good nap and by the time he woke up, we were arranging tables for our fave pastime, MJ.

Day ended at 3am and I was $150 poorer and Kevin $80 richer.

Shichida as usual in the afternoon and went to my mum’s place to let Ziv entertain my old parents and thereafter Easter Sunday buffet dinner with my in-laws at the Zhou Kitchen.

Day ended feeling fat and wonder why Monday has to come so soon!

According to J, this is the last long weekend for the year! How sad is that?!

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