Monday, March 15, 2010

Budget Food

Since there's Budget Terminal, I have my budget food.
Those who know me, knows that I am clearly no epicure. And ever since we shifted to the sojourn, there is no more tingkat for dinner. Most of the time, Kev and I have to crack our heads to think of places where we can have dinner.

Eating luxuriously in fine dining restaurants after work is inappropriate and can burn a big hole in the pocket and as for other restaurants, the cheap and good ones are often packed during dinner time.

But, but, there's always some economical, delectable comfort food that we often savor and doesn't require us to wait for too long, maybe perhaps just to wait for a parking lot.

Here's my list:

1. Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist
Hong Lim Food Centre
Blk 531A Upper Cross Street

Call me 'moutain tortise' if you wish, it may not score the highest rating among the food bloggers, but at least Ji Ji got a super high rating from me. Apart from the pretty eyeful stall lady assistant with super memory, the dried wanton noodles made an impact on my taste bud. The gravy used to serve on the dried noodles is very unqiue. I kept going back for more even though I had it for lunch on some days.

2. Leong Kee (Klang) Bak Kut Teh
251, Geylang Road (Beside Lor 11)

I am not a BKT person. And often, I wondered what are the pleasures that people get when they simply devour a bowl of rice with soup. Seemed measly to me. I am the kind of person who loves to see assorted dishes that laid nicely on a table, and in some ways, I think that arouses my appetite. However, one day, Kev bought me to Geylang for the so-called 'to-die-for BKT' and the rest is history. Who knows that BKT is not just BKT?

The stall serves peanuts (which I really love), yu tiao (that is if you think that BKT is not sinful enough), and many others side dishes. And what ensnared me is the 'customizable' hot pot BKT. I can request for bak kut, or even pork belly, liver and whatever you can think of (that comes from the pig). On top of that, the soup base is tastefully unify with the content of the hot pot. Plus, not forgetting the chopped garlic with black sweet sauce and sliced chilli. Everytime after meal, Kev and I can actually form a farting symphony because of the huge portion of garlic we chomp down our stomach.

3. Teo Seng (Teochew) Eating House
1012 Upper Serangoon Road

I have to constantly remind Kev that I am NOT a teochew and so, there are many dishes which doesn't really appeal to me as much as they appeal to him. What I like about this stall is that, it serves not just the 'hardcore' or 'strictly-for-teochews-only' dishes but some of the very common dishes in small portions. Why small portions? Because you get to order large variety of small portions! The porridge warms up my stomach during raining season.

4. Macpherson Barbecue Seafood
34 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058668

Yet another highly customizable food place. Do you happen to go to some places and want to replace item A in the set with item B and you don't mind to pay more for the exchange, but the waitress simply snorted, "Sorry, you can't change the items, they are FIXED!" You looked at them with fixed eyes and still, they allow no exchange even you willing to pay more. So what's wrong with these stalls? Do they deserve to close down? I say, 'Yes'.

This seafood place is so flexible that it makes my dining experience super lovely. You can mix and match what you want, add vege at 50 cents, add egg at 90 cents, add whatever you want if you can find it on their menu. Of course, being flexible is not the main reason why I patronise this place twice within a week, the taste of the popular stingray is simply delightful and mind you, its really hard to make nice sambal sauce and they did it! I had the combo whereby I mixed stingray with chilli prawn (the pictures on the menu looked tantalizing), and yes, the chilli is indeed hot, but very shiok. The reason why I went back for more is that, I fell in love with the spareribs, I was already titillated when my friend ordered that during our first visit there, so I told myself, I have to go back again!

5. Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodle
Stall No. 27
Adam Road Food Centre
2 Adam Road

There are lots of outlets peppered in Singapore, I don't know is it some sort of affinity with the location or what, I always go to the same outlet at Adam Road to have my prawn noodle fix. In fact, I used to work in Bt Timah for about 2 years and I know the place pretty well. For me, the most critical thing in a prawn mee is the soup base. It has to be thick, taste like prawn and dark in colour. Noo Cheng never fail to satisfy me and so I am always back for more more more.

6. Unknown carrot cake stall
Serangoon North Ave 1
Kopitiam facing the temple and with other popular stalls that sells roasted ducks and curry with bread

Kev loves to eat the black sauce carrot cake from this stall. It was cooked by an old man and everytime when he goes back to his mum's place which is nearby, he can't help but pack the carrot cake home for supper. I remembered, throughout my pregnancy, the black carrot cake was the only food that I craved for. And Kev bought it for me promptly because he loves it too!

7. Sin Kee Chicken Rice
Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road
Mei Chin Food Centre

Seriously speaking, I don't know what is so great about this chicken rice, but I always go back to the same stall when I am in that area. Again, it reminds me of my days in Singtel (Hillcrest) where a few of my colleagues will go to the food centre to order chicken rice with lots of side dishes. Overall, I would say that the price is reasonable unlike the one I tried at Serangoon Gardens.

8. Unknown Western Food
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road
Mei Chin Food Centre
Facing church

You can't miss it because there is always a long queue forming in front of the stall. It takes quite a while to get the food on your table and it is not recommended if you are really hungry. But, the wait is worthwhile. It served a variety of meat, such as pork, lamb, steak and others. And out of the many selection, the steak is the best and it is served in hot plate.

I guessed I should stop here, because the more I blogged, I became extremely famished. There's in fact alot of more comfort food that I wanna introduce in this blog, but I guess I should keep it to myself till the next time round.

So what's for tonight?



Blogger I, Cactus said...

Thanks for your post. The ones near my area are definitely helpful esp when every weekend we face the same prob of having to "crack" our heads :p

5:26 PM  
Blogger Cel said...

No problem. The BBQ is the best. You must try it.
I have more eating places. Will post more.

9:57 PM  

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