Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ziv sleeps on imported bed OK!

About a month ago, Kev and I were surfing Little Tikes website in search of a mini playground for Ziv so that he can have his very own fun corner on the roof terrace. And while browsing, we chanced upon the LT Thomas the Train bed.

Ziv’s eyes lit up instantly and he whined, “I want!! (x100 times)”

To save our ears from the nettlesome chanting, the next minute is all about fishing out our credit cards to purchase the bed online and at the same time, assured the boy that the bed will get to our house ‘in no time’. Bed was selected and credit card information was precisely populated onto the online form, next up, the shipping option. And guess what? There’s no option to choose to deliver to Singapore! What a downer!

A few days after the episode, Ziv tried to convinced us that the bed was available at local toy store and he said we can just go and buy. How I wish it can be this simple, and in fact, TT bed is not available in Singapore! Went to online forum to take part in spree, but the long waiting time is torturous to the boy and to our ears. And luckily, my brother-in-law E is a frequent flyer to USA, SF once every 2 months. So the next option will be for him to bring back the bed for us.

E went to SF 2 weeks ago and he purchased the bed online and it turned out that the size of the bed was too huge that we almost return the bed back to the Amazon. In fact, the package of the bed is way beyond the acceptable luggage size for airplane and the charge for such odd size luggage can be exorbitant especially they are charged by USD and the freight can cause 2 to 3 times more expensive than the bed itself. And to tell Ziv about this complication he doesn’t grok will not help in any way. So, Kev made the decision, to tell E to ship the bed back at ALL cost.

And yesterday was the arrival of the bed, the Heng entourage including a hyper bouncy boy arrived at the T3 Arrival Hall at midnight, waiting for E’s arrival. As we saw E putting the packages on the trolley, the fanatical boy couldn’t contain himself and there goes his chanting again, “Train bed! (x100 times)”

I brainwashed Kev that nothing is ‘more important than seeing your son so happy’ so that he could take the blow on the freight charge, and to our utter astonishment, there was NO CHARGE. I asked E how he did it, he nonchalantly replied, “I argued with the people at the airport.” Anyway, E has the capacity to argue with the people because he flew First Class or Business Class to SF about once every 2 months to meet his girlfriend and eventually he was made a super prestigious customer. Hence, whassup with excess luggage right?

Kev heaved a sigh of relief.

But E said this is the last time he will buy such a big item back to SG because he was perpetually stressed by two of us by msn and by phone! Haha.

What to do?
My life equation is simple,

My son is happy = I am happy

It would probably takes a while for our in-house assembler (aka Kev) to assemble the bed, so here’s a picture of the completed bed frame.

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