Monday, October 11, 2010

Brunch @ Tanglin Tree (Don't go there unless you have great company!)

Last Sunday, we had brunch at a new spot, (Trashy) Tanglin Tree. It was absolutely bitter to say that apart from the company, nothing else was worthy from Tanglin Tree. That was how much I dislike their food (so-so), their service (puke!), their environment and their blatant extortion of $0.50 just to add a few drips of hollandaise sauce (hello?? just hollandaise sauce ok!).

Service: I am rating it 3/10. Initially I wanted to rate it 2/10, but because another waiter brought us a lighter to light up the birthday candle, so I added a point for that. Otherwise, it was plain disastrous. One of the male waiters was super haughty, he seemed to forgot he was in the service line. Where's the smile? I could not fathom what made him asked if we were with another table when we ordered our food separately, not seated together, not exchanging conversations, nor glances. Maybe he left his 'common sense' at home that day morning. After answering that out-of-nowhere question, we asked for children cutleries and another dim-witted question popped out of his mouth again, "How many?" Now, this question really light up the fire in me. I asked him in return, "How many children are there (pointing to the two kids)? Two right? So two sets right?" Maybe he also left his specs at home this morning. I must cool down.

Subsequent service we received from the waitresses and waiters were not up to scratch given the fact that I dined at so many places that serves brunches. Yes, they MAY BE busy (not exactly when I looked around me), but so do other restaurants like Spruce, Rider's, Epicurious etc, their services is never as lousy as the one I get from Tanglin Tree. We have to specifically asked twice for the children cutleries. And, the same haughty waiter kicked J's baby seat and threw disgusted glance at him and walked past like J was blocking his way. Now what kind of attitude is that? Emily is magnanimous, if that guy have the gut to throw that look at Ziv, I tell you, that day will be his most unforgettable day (in his life!).

Enough said about the services. I am going to drop it to 2/10 again, if I have to recall more.

Food: I am rating it 6/10. First, food was not served HOT. Now, that reminds me of the hot scones from Rider's, how heavenly! Ok, back to Tanglin Tree, bread was hard like rock, to the extend that we could not even cut it with a normal knife. All of us had to use our hands to tear the bread apart, and that's so unglam. Second, because I deemed that it was highly unjustifiable and down-right absurd and outrangeous to pay $0.50 for hollandaise sauce, I decided to skip it totally even though I wasn't the one paying (Thanks to Yip family!). The food tasted dried, until I poked the poach eggs.

And how do you tell if the food is good? You have to trust the kids, especially Ziv. Having pointed out numerous times that Ziv is quite an epicure, he eats what he deemed as good, not like us adults, we do not mind occasion food that went slightly wrong. From what I observed, Ziv ate the sausage, very little of french toast, he ate it mainly because of maple syrup I guess, and that was it. So if you want to ask Ziv for his rating, he probably rate the birthday cheesecake more than the brunch.

Price: As I mentioned, I did not pay for the brunch, but judging at the price to pay for sauce is enough to piss me off big time. Furthermore, I would say they don't even deserve service charge! Maybe tips for the guy who brought me the lighter.

Environment: Big playground by the side, good for other kids but not for Ziv. He hates sand. He asked Kev, why is there sand in the playground. Maybe the pampered boy is so used to not seeing sand at the playground, think, playground at home.

Companionship: Every cloud has a silver lining. And the silver lining of the day will defeinitely be the wonderful companionship. And I am rating it 10/10. Despite having 3 brunches in a row with Yips, still we have endless topics to talk about. Endless complains to lament about. Endless gossip to yak about. And not forgetting this is a Birthday brunch for Jayden. Well, yes, we should not be reminded the day of celebration by the Trashy Tanglin Tree. Yes, we or rather I should let go. I am going to throw the complaint letter in the recycle bin just for Jayden.

Happy Birthday to Jayden! May you be happy and healthy always!

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