Thursday, October 28, 2010

Children's Day and "Prank" Calls

I haven't celebrate Children's Day for the past 15 years or so. First, I am not applicable to celebrate the day and second, Ziv does not know about Children's Day until he attended the playgroup.

To me, the day is just like a normal day and I don't know why is it being called a Children's Day when the children's mummies and daddies are all working.

Without their parents, will the children be merry? It makes so much sense if the day is going to be a parents' day as well, so we can all celebrate together.

Anyway, the teachers at SFX are very sweet. Ziv received many presents from the teachers and principal. And they did a photo collage for all the kids. Nice!

In another news, Ziv managed to memorize our mobile numbers and he makes it a point to call us every evening. How sweet. However, I have to warn fellow parents about having kids memorizing mobile phone numbers. The thing is, kids usually call at the wrong place, time, once I received a call from Ziv in the afternoon and I have to talk in business-like voice because I am in the midst of a meeting. Its hard to ignore calls from him, because if I ever missed his calls, he would nag at me for not answering them and followed by lots of "WHY?"

Some random photos of him exploring my iPhone.



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