Friday, November 26, 2010

BMW World VIP Night

Was invited to the BMW World VIP Night located at the Marina Bay Sands. With 50,000 sq ft of displays, interactive booths, lifestyle merchandise and fun-filled activities for all ages. It was a night of free flow of white and red wine, oysters, chocolate fondue and lots of sinful desserts! Yummy!

The event showcase the concept and vintage cars. There are guided tours that narrate the stories behind the shiny red cars.

The one and only BMW GINA Light Visionary. A car completely clad in a flexible fabric skin, that changes its shape at the press of a button!

BMW M3 GTS, a powerful car!

BMW 8 Series

BMW Z1, vintage.


BMW vintage , driven by Elvis Presley.

On that day was also the Asia Premier of BMW X3. Kev's next target.

Thanks BMW for the wonderful night!

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