Thursday, February 14, 2008

How does Ziv spend his first Vday?

First, let's talk about Kevin and my 'hot' date on the 13th Feb. We went to Clark Quay Hot Stones for dinner and Coffee Club at The Central for some serious desserts indulgence. Every desserts on the menu seemed copacetic and we decided on a super size Muddy Mud Pie and 2 glasses of coffee with vanilla ice cream. It was really mouthwatering. Luckily the desserts were nice, else, the night would have been ruined by the poor service, long waiting time at the Hot Stones.

We choose to leave 14th Feb alone, so that we can include Ziv to celebrate vday with us. Anyway, we just stay at home to play with him.

Ziv is crawling now... it is his favorite past time.

On this vday, Ziv lost his first (wet) kiss to none other than COBY!!
He looks disgusted. hehehe...

Ziv is going for his final jab tomorrow, hopefully he will not have fever after the injection. Else that will means sleepless night.


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