Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Mishap

Just now my mum told me about a mishap. The fatal mishap has befallen to a distant relative. Nevertheless, our hearts go out to the family, for the grandparents who lost their only grandchild and also the young couple who lost their first and only child.

Though to me, the young couple is just an acquaintance, I can truly feel what they are going through right now.

Apparently, their 13-month old child who should be sleeping on a mattress with the grandmother at night in the living room has crawled out to the balcony and drowned himself in the mini water fountain. And he died.

Was rushed to the hospital, alas, the doctor could not bring him back to life, despite trying his very best.

The death of the grandchild hit his grandmother so hard that the poor old lady could not stop putting blame on herself for being extremely neglectful. The young couple while coping with the lost of their beloved child was still consoling the grandmother. To tell the devastated grandmother that “the child was destined not to be theirs” was her only solace for now.

Coping with the lost of someone close to your heart is never easy. Furthermore the person is someone who means a great deal to you. The pain is excruciating and it will not go away even though some say “time will wash away the pain”. My heart aches even when Ziv vomited after drinking milk, and as a mother, the pain of seeing her dearly loved child leaving her is definitely zillion times more aching.

And as a mother, sometimes you rather it is you who were drowned and not the child.
And sometimes, you wonder, how you can continue your life if your child leaves you.

And I thought, I will just kill myself if it ever happened.

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