Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fri, Sat, Sun

Friday was Kevin's birthday. He is 29 this year. His birthday often fall on Friday the Thirteen. I brought him to Jaan on Thursday for dinner. Jaan is a swanky restaurant, 741ft above sea level, tucked at a corner of the 70 th level of Fairmont Hotel (then: Swissotel) with breath-taking views of the cityscape beneath. Unlike Equinox, Jaan is more exclusive and there are only about 10-15 tables in Jaan. The service staff are all very professional, polite and I rate them 5 out of 5!

Appetizer: Roasted Quail With Foie Gras And Black TruffleRaspberry And Red Currant Glaze

Kevin and I had Grilled Wagyu Sirloin and Maine Lobster 2 Way respectively.
The Sirloin of the size of one standard size snicker bar cost $120!


This weekend is a bustling one.

However, I deemed that this Sat was a bad one. Unfruitful for all the outings.

First, it was Gymboree, in the morning. Gymboree III started at 930am and as usual (i.e late again) we reached at around 10am and that would mean Ziv has only about 15minutes to play with the other kids. :- I attributed our lateness to Kevin for he over-slept and the mysterious CTE jam, apparently, there was no accident and only road works by the road shoulder.

Later in the evening, we planned to meet Emily at Gogobambini at Dempsy. Alas, they closed at 8pm (so early for a Saturday! Duh!) and I reached there at about 715pm. Yet again, Ziv was restricted to play until 8pm. And yes, I didn't check their opening hours.

Every cloud has a silver lining, feeling despondent about the lack of play time at Gogo, we saw Ben's and Jerry's right beside it. Soon, the thought of having ice-cream waffles wiped out all my despondency.

What is wrong with Sat?

Well, at least the camera did not fail me, here are some pictures taken at Gogo.

Seems like baby Jayden wasn't ready for the snap, but his Daddy was all smiles.

Sun was slightly relaxing, no more hectic class to attend, and Ziv slept till 10am in the morning. Had a late breakfast and headed to the salon to straighten my tresses. Kevin dyed his hair ASH. Hehe...

Recently, I have been busy about Ziv's birthday party, which is like 1 month away. Busy writing and mailing invitation cards.

And last Sat, we bought him a car from Toy'r'us. From the picture, one can definitely tell that he loves the car very much. Ziv would keel over with laughter when he saw me preparing the car for him to sit on. It's hard to separate him with the car for the first few days.

Even Coby is fascinated about the car.

It's been a long long time since I update about our first SON, Coby. Yes, he is still very active and naughty and playful. Here's a picture of him, striking a pose (or not) to act cool. After organizing Ziv's birthday, it will be Coby's turn. His birthday is on the 1st Aug. I have to buy him a birthday cake specially for doggy and a human edible birthday cake to celebrate at my mum's place. Am still thinking very hard, on what to buy for him as birthday present.

From June to August, its all about birthdays.

Coby, I still love you!

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