Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hossan Leong Show

Caught the HoHoHossan Leong show last Sunday and man, it was a hoot and Hossan never fail me with his uproarious style of presenting the show.

It was our first time watching a show live and it is different from the Dim Sum Dollies and Broadway Beng which we attended. They even have games segments and some sponsored sections like sending an audience to a makeover session and at the end of the show we’ll get to see her transformation (it is quite sad to be chosen, anyway, that means, ‘sorry, you have got no style!’) and pick an audience who has the whitest set of teeth to win $120 etc. Some parts of the show are cliché, but the wacky portions help to balance up the whole show that makes it truly entertaining.

The only drawback of the show, it is TOO short, we need more. I am looking forward to Broadway Beng during early Dec.



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