Thursday, October 1, 2009


So despite of the very unhappy flight home, Paris, overall is still a go-able place.

I still remembered my conversation with Kevin a month ago when we were at Taipei.

K: Taipei is so hot! I wish we can go somewhere cool, just like Japan.

C: Yeah, I prefer the weather in San Francisco.

A few weeks later, I was told to go to Paris.

Dreams come true?


Photo blog...

Main entrance of Notre Dame:

Back of Notre Dame along Sein River:

Where is this place? Kevin touring at his leisure.

View from Effiel Tower at night, it is super cold up there. It took us 2 hours to queue for tickets and get to the summit! And about another hour to queue to come down!!

Effiel Tower with special lightings:

Effiel Tower in normal lightings:

Effiel Tower in the day:

Cafe Marley just beside Lourve Museum:

One of the street which I thought was nice:

A typical supper for almost every night in Paris:

Best macaron in the world is from LaDuree and I had all 6 for myself:

Foie Gras for Appetizier by Air France Business Class:

This is what happened after 10 hours of flight on Air France, without makeup, after a nap:

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