Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just before the New Year

I am a self-proclaim TVB Drama addict. My supply of dramas is never ending, (lucky me huh)and to the point that I have to pick and choose what I wanna watch, in order not to waste my time on those lovey-dovey dramas which I really abhor.

Maybe I have way past the age of 'falling in love', 'wishing that a prince on a white horse can save a damsel in distress aka me from some baddits'...

Or maybe I am a woman full of vengeance, and I am especially devoted to revengeful dramas such as Moonlight Resonance, The Heart of Greed, A Pillow Case of Mystery, Last One Standing and lots more. So just yesterday, I find myself addicted to the 2009 TVB Drama - Rosy Business.

It is one of the best dramas which I watched this year. Forget the crappy Gem of Life, too long-winded (and I stopped half way). Rosy Business is fast pace and send you pressing the forward button on your remote to skip the opening and closing songs, trailers and unimportant parts so that you will unveil more schemeing plots from the bad guys. Kevin left the house at 9am, saw me, lying on the bed, starting the serial and he returned at 6pm, saw me lying on the exact same spot, same tshirt, same posture. He sighed.

Who cares! All I know is that I watched 20 episodes in a day and that costs me 16 hours of my time. And I want more! More! More! More! (Starting to sound like Ziv when he wants more Hi-5, opppsss... did he get it from me?)
P.S I have never watch Korean dramas in my life except Kim Sam Soon and Snow Queen, because that was acted by my 'boyfriend' and Korean dramas may be worth watching because of the eye candies. As for Taiwanese dramas, I don't even consider them as a drama. I wonder who the hell will watch them (maybe only old grannies), Taiwanese dramas are of inferior quality, plot, screenplay, actors/actresses... lots of mushy LOVE acts that makes me wanna puke. They should really learn from HK dramas.

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