Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year 2010 (Photo Blog) - No time to compose!

Since we stepped into year 2010, I have been very busy. Busy eating...
I still have another feasting appointment tomorrow...

New Year Eve
We were really busy on NY Eve. First, I went shopping alone at Ion while waiting for Kevin and Ziv to go for a nice dinner. End up bought a few tops, a legging and a pearl ring with diamond setting. That's it, no more shopping for the next one month!

Dinner at La Villa. I simply love this place.

Secluded, it is like a hidden gem.

What did we order? No pic for appetizer and desserts. BTW, see how badly I need to have a DSLR?

Going outdoor of La Villa. Regretted! Bitten my mosquito.

Next stop, cake DIY at Icing Room. I have been wanting to design a cake with Ziv for the longest time and none of our birthday is coming, so how about a New Year cake?

The end product... We didn't really help out much, Kevin helped Ziv with the wordings...

Next stop (when is it going to end?), Haagen-Dazs to get some ice-cream fix.

My new year resolution is to lose some weight!!!!
Bad picture again, why is my arm shining??

New Year Day
No pic for Szechuan Court Ala Carte Dim Sum Buffet with my parents, because time is running out...

Took some when we were shopping at Robinson.

The day after New Year Day
Dinner with Emily and Dylan at Oscar's - Conrad Hotel. As I have had enough bad pictures lately and decided to borrow my Dad's semi professional camera, Lumix don't-know-what model out.
I haven't really figure out how to use this camera, but nevertheless, I am still loving these pictures.
Mummies and Toddlers
Our NY resolution, bring no kid to buffet.

Finally Ziv focused on the camera, and not Jayden.

We still managed to take a picture together, with the kids jumping next to us.

Close-up pictures...

Ziv looked 'naughty' in this picture...

Cheeky Ziv stealing a sip of water-melon juice.
He requested to wear matching polo tees with Daddy. And can you imagine both of them have so much clothes that these polo tees are brand new and bought during last year, new year!

Daddy is so cool...

Trust me, they were drunk!!
Drunk from drinking Ribbena and eating Poky.

I like this picture. Emily should set this as her wallpaper. I feel so 'professional' to be able to take such picture!

Lastly, Happy New Year!!

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