Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Lunch

A day before returning to work after the long festive holiday, I had a family lunch at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant to celebrate my Grandma's birthday.

We discovered that Ziv likes to eat fresh scallop (white colour) and he was calling it 'lup, lup'. As parents, we decided to give up our shares of scallop for the precious little one. My mum even commented that she should not gobble up her share of scallops so fast, if not she could gave it to Ziv.

Anyway, he ate the scallops with fried rice which we ordered for him specially. Ziv loves RICE. Whenever we ask him what he wants, he will always say RICE, RICE.

The boy is frowning because my brother made funny faces at him... his double eyelids are eventually showing... I secretly hope that he has my double eyelids rather than Kev's single eyelids.

The oldest and the youngest in the room....

On a separate note, here's a picture of the barky Coby at home.

This is a picture that I took using my dad's camera. I am still figuring out how to take aperture pictures!!

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