Sunday, March 14, 2010

12 or 14?

"So is it 12, 13 or 14??" I asked Kev eagerly.


While sipping from glass of red wine, over-looking at the forever incomplete construction of the Marina Bay IR, Kev popped a question. "Do you really think that we have been together for 14 years?"

My eyes lit up and as sure as sunrise, I replied zestfully, "Isn't it amazing??"

Kev looked fixely at me and sighed.

"Did I get the year wrong?" I thought to myself and started mental calculation instantaneously. All of a sudden, I was flummoxed, I couldn't make out a year. "I shouldn't blame Kev for forgetting the dates, at least he won't blame me this time round." I thought.

Decided to adopt the "confuse & convince" tactic. "So is it 12, 13 or 14??" I asked Kev eagerly. I always know that guys are never too mindful about dates and years plus, I got the hunch that he was just trying to test me.

"We have been together for 12 years. And we started dating on 14 March 1998!" Kev calmly elucidated.

"Oh really?" that was the only two words that managed to blurt out of my mouth. The foie gras suddenly seemed tasteless and the clanking sound of the cutlery seemed to be getting louder. And I uncovered just another unmindful bobble, today's date is 13 March not 14!

So how did I managed to get out of situation like this? LAUGH. Laugh at my blunder.

"Yeah! 12 years! It seemed like wonderful 14 years to me! And you are the most assiduous man that I ever know!" I gasped. I turned to Ziv who was busy savouring his 3 pcs for $30 scallops and said, "You have to learn from your Daddy, he is the most attentive guy in the world!"

Kev smiled. I smiled.


The bill at The Lighthouse was pretty hefty. Because there isn't any kid menu and I do not wish to be caught by fellow diners for snatching food away from my stick thin son. So an apetitzer and a main were ordered specially for Ziv. Ever since we discovered his soft spot for the white, pricey, tiny shell thingy called 'scallop' we have been very accomodating by ordering it whenever we dine out. Looking at the price on the menu, it costed just as much as my foie gras, I regretted about the discovery!

This little rascal has expensive taste, I often have to beesch him to finish up the pasta from Waraku, however for the lobster pasta, he was eating on his own and even nagged at me when I stole a piece of lobster from him and in fact, I was pretty sure he was looking away at the gal beside our table.

Anyway, in the midst of the meal, Ziv pooed twice, that goes to show how much he ate for the dinner tonight.
Overall, the dinner was great, apart from the impromptu Q&A session, I was pretty please with my dish selection. Anyway, I know Kev wasn't angry about my blunder, he is one of the most magnanimous I ever know in my life. In fact, I felt a wee bit guilty for my absent-mindedness. I tell myself that I should make an effort to take note of that next year!

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