Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to beat the scorching weather?

Before I delve into the scorching weather, I am pleased to welcome a new member to the giant soft-toy entourage, Mickey Mouse, that is. Mickey is Ziv's latest fad, he wears Mickey t-shirt to school, lugs Mickey bag to weekend class, paste Mickey stickers all over our tops... Kids are just so capricious, you simply can't catch up with their thoughts.

Weather this weekend was extremely humid, it makes me wonder what's the number on the thermometers.

And it was pretty effortless for Ziv and Kevin to beat the burning weather. Grabbed a swimming trunk or suit, and took the lift to ground floor. Voila! I went down to see 2 animated pool dippers happily splashing water at each other. Ziv was pretty daring because he never tried being alone in the pool, perhaps the weather, it makes an aquaphobic opens up.

As for me? I still prefer Coke on ice cubes. And snapping pictures.

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