Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Project Project Project.... Business Trips

I am sick of the word “Project”. I have been working on my university project for the past one month, my company’s project for the past one year… I really need a break! I am so occupied that I don’t even have time to focus on my personal affairs like catching up with my friends, watch an extremely pricey movie, hit the gym….updating my blog… Anything you name it… All of a sudden, I just want to pack up and leave the jam-packed and competitive Earth, escaping all the commitments that are just too weighty for me to lug. What is so great about life when one is constantly looking forward to only weekends and enjoys only the weekends? It’s upsetting, isn’t it? Sign… I hate to go on a business trip and so coincidentally, I am always involved in it… somehow… What can I do? I need a job… Singaporeans are constantly caught in a rat race and I am no exception. I can’t imagine how life can be so wonderful when we have no commitments, no mobile phone bills to worry, no unsettled credit cards bills, not having to think what to have for dinner (yes, I consider thinking of a nice place for dinner is a major chore too!).

Back to the topic of going on a business trip. Many must have fancy the idea of traveling for business, taking it as an opportunity to explore the world and to gain more sights of what is the outside Singapore. But I am just too tired. Working in a foreign land is never going to be easy. Imagine waking up at a bed which you will never have good sleep, getting to work earlier than you supposed to be (since I am always late!), no cha kway tiao for lunch, travel back to the hotel and end the day of work in bed while watching television. Here comes the worst of all things, no one to talk to.

How can I possibly love to go on a business trip? Damn… I am leaving on the 14th April.

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