Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who wants to work??

Recently, I am overwhelmed with the heavy and never-ending workload. This job is turning me off day by day. I often wondered if those things which I do are supererogatory, resulted in making my work life taxing. The daily lined-up (mundane) tasks are enough to kill me, not to mentioned those adhoc and unreasonable requests by some colleagues. The only time where I can take a breather will be LUNCH time and on-off skyping session with Emily. And of course, when it is time to knock-off.

David always asks me if my watch had actually stopped whenever he stills see me around after 6. That is funny and yet pretty depressing, and recently my ‘neighbour’ in the office will often joke with me by ‘apologizing’ for being home earlier than me and reminds me to switch off the light for him. I brushed him off with a painful smile. Well, at least someone knows that I am staying back LATE.

These days, I seldom vanish in the thick black smoke when the clock strikes 6. I feel bad and guilty when I have to let Kevin wait for me outside my office, especially I can often see him at the window next to me, waiting aimlessly. That is so unfair to him.

Anyway, forget about the unhappy things, of course the happiest thing will be going home and have a warm welcome from Coby, hugging Ziv and watching HK serials with Kevin. You know, sometimes, I wish I can be a housewife. Not a ‘yellow face’ one though.

Some pictures of Ziv before bedtime...

He has learnt a new 'trick' which is to stand with support.

He often laughs out loudly whenever he sees me taking picture of him. Kevin says he likes the flashlights. Who knows, kids are very interesting being.

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Oh, 9 more days to our 10th Year Anniversary... no plan yet, but we bought each other a T&C ring. Was forced to only wear it on the 14th. What's wrong with Kevin, I don't understand!

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