Sunday, April 27, 2008

His Mother

Was contemplating if I should blog about His Mother. What if someone sees it? What if…

I could hardly contain my anger and deemed that only through blogging, where I could release my aggravation about His Mother.

I have planned to go Bintan with Kevin and Ziv. Therefore, for the 3 days (actually lesser than 3 days) I have decided to leave The Maid at her house. As compared to leaving The Maid at our house alone, it would probably be a better option to leave her at His Mother’s house where at least, someone is at home. Since The Maid has history of STEALING.

To my utter disappointment, His Mother told him that it was ‘inappropriate’ for The Maid to stay at her house due to several reasons which I reckoned invalid.

The excuses she gave:

- “No one is at home.” What the hack! His Father went to work at 11am or later and she returned home from work at about 6pm. And she said no one is at home?! She must be either questioning my IQ or testing my patience!

- “There are important documents at home.” I nearly died of laughing. She can jolly well lock the doors of rooms which have so-called important documents and then problem solved! And somehow, it makes me wonder how important those documents are to her and to The Maid.

- “Inconvenient.” I have to applaud for that brilliant excuse. One word, settles it all. I wonder if is it still inconvenient if I employ a maid for her, pay the salary for her and the maid does things for her.

Those excuses are obvious self explanatory of reluctance to take in The Maid. How can I not be gnashing my teeth?

I don’t understand which one is more ‘serious’, leaving The Maid at our house alone or leaving The Maid at her house?

I should not be frustrated over this issue as His Mother has a history of in-cooperativeness.

This is why...

My mother is weak due to health reasons, and yet she has to take care of the restless Ziv and I can tell, from her eyes, each time she talks about Ziv that she really loves him loads. Despite having backaches every now and then, she still takes good care of Ziv, although often accompanied by lots of nagging. Nagging, about her health, how tired she is. That is understandable. And I feel guilty for not letting her enjoy her retirement age.

Knowing that my mother’s health started to deteriorate, it left me no choice but to request for His Mother to take care of Ziv. For your info, His Mother is a very healthy woman. As expected, she declined and brushed off the topic each time we brought it up. I was extremely disappointed in her. I was so infuriated that I hoped that Ziv will never call her or even let her carry. I saw her true colors. I thought it was thoughtful of me that from the beginning, I respected her passion for her work (she was lowly paid and still continue working very hard for the job) and I did not want to take away what she enjoys by asking her to take care of Ziv. However, due to current circumstances, it was really beyond me to resolve this problem and I have to seek her understanding and help to let my mother recuperate. And note that I am offering about the same pay package as what she is receiving now.

She heartlessly declined my offer.

I kept asking myself questions as of why she refused to take care of Ziv.

Was he naughty? Was he noisy?

And the answers are all NO.

I tried very hard to talk to her while she attempted to chat with me today evening. I realized, I cannot bring myself to be a hypocrite. I really hate her to the core and each time when I talk to her, I feel like chiding her. She must be thinking why I am not looking at her when I talked to her. I really can't look at someone whom I hated so much.

So, if my mother is unable to take care of Ziv, the golden question now is WHO? If it is not His Mother, it will definitely be ME. I asked Kevin to do some simple idiot-proof calculation on our salaries (mine and His Mother) and a 2 year-old toddler who briefly knows Math will be able to identify who should quit, since our salary is approximately 5 times difference!

I told Kevin, for Ziv, I can quit my job, stop shopping altogether, stop thinking about Chanel and loathe His Mother eternally. And frankly speaking, I don’t mind being a SAHM because every minutes and seconds spend with Ziv definitely worth more than what I am earning and the joy of seeing him, first hand, achieving every milestone is priceless!

I know Kevin could not come out with any conclusion cause this problem has been around for the past few months and my mother is still trying to cope with her health and taking care of Ziv.

One day, perhaps, when I mastered enough courage, I will never let His Mother see Ziv anymore. I can do that and I will do that.

I was infuriated that I COULD NOT even sleep! Hopefully after venting out my anger here, I can sleep better. But, its already 6am in the morning, how much longer can I sleep when Ziv is going to wake up at 8am.

I really hate her.


Here's a typical conversation between me and her, shortly after Ziv was born.

His Mother: Who is going to take care of the baby at night?
Me: Either me or Kevin.
His Mother (looked at me in awe): Then how is Kevin going to work? He needs to drive.

I could not believe she actually says such things to me. Ain't I working too? If she is the kind of traditional woman who does everything for her man, sorry, I DON'T PRACTICE that at MY HOME. Blame your precious son for choosing a WRONG wife then.

Me: But... Kevin is Ziv's father. Isn't it also his DUTIES to look after his own, very first SON??!!

His Mother stopped her mindless nonsense and looked at me.
I rolled my eyes and walked away...

I hope that is obvious enough to express that I HATE HER.


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