Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Closer to the last day of work

My last day of work for my current job will be on the 8th May. I will be on half-day.

I feel miserable.

This feeling will always come back once every 2 years. I left Singtel exactly 2 years ago and now, another 2 years has passed. It’s time to move on again. Same for the jobs before Singtel, they rarely lasted for 2 years.


“Job hop is the way to earn more money.” I was told by my Singtel manager, KY.

KY is a frank person. He is a Christian. I believed he won’t lie to me and I agreed with him. Cause it happened to me.

Indeed, for money, I job hop, worked for 4 companies (including the one now) and moving on to my 5th full time job this 26th May. I only started working full time in year 2001.

I had a lucrative 35% and 38% increment from Singtel to here and here to the new job respectively - but I lost the friends from my current job - again.

Despite the fact that I have been through this umpteen times, but each time, it just gets harder and more painful. The feeling is ineffable.

Because of the habitual job hop, I have lots of ex-colleagues transforming to friends and the cruel truth is, no matter how close you are with them during the working days, still, the get together somehow will get lesser and lesser. Eventually, we become ‘hi-bye’ friends. That is reasonable, because all of us have families and at many times, ex-colleagues are often given a lower priority.

Basic rule for Job Hoppers
Never place personally belongings such as photos, plants, aquariums, slippers etc in the office; because, you know you will never stay long in a company.

However, this current job was exceptional for me. I broke the basic rule of job hopping, I had Ziv’s picture on the table, a ‘HUAT’ mobile phone holder and a plant on my cupboard. At one time, I thought this is the job for life. Until my job scope was changed and I grew tired from the job then an opportunity comes along. I almost turned into a termagant.

  • I will definitely miss the gossipy/juicy tête-à-tête with Cactus and Kooshlog for sure.
  • I will definitely miss the luxury of waking up at 815am and still take my time to dress up for work.
  • I will definitely miss the long audacious lunches.
  • I will definitely miss the snaking time used on blogging, feed my facebook pet and skyping.
  • I will definitely miss the chances of going back home to take a nap during lunch time when I have no one to dine with.
  • I will miss lunching with my ex Singtel colleagues.
  • I will miss having some personal chat with my boss.
  • I will miss everything I used to enjoy.

Of course, with so much experience in job hopping, I learnt to be malleable; on the other hand, I am really tired. Tired of trying to know the colleagues again, tired of finding lunch kakis, tired of being who I am not in the first few months of working.

I don’t even want to think how it will be like on the first day of work, because to me, it is just like first day of school and I abhor it.

There is something that money can’t buy. And I truly understand the meaning in this case. I always ask myself, “How much is enough?” I am really tired. I hope the job hopping will stop if the new job is good. But the location is far… maybe I’ll think again staying there for long. *roll-eyes*


Blogger KooshKing said...

Eh, its KooshKing. KooshLog is the name of my blog lah. :-)

Anyway, if you feel like snaking you can always take a short trip up north ...

10:18 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Some colleagues still do stay in contact. Like you and me. ;)

I guess it just boils down to Fate and a little effort from both sides to maintain the bond.

5:01 PM  

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