Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Surprise Birthday Dinner

Dylan and I have been planning for a surprise birthday dinner celebration for Emily. We thought of the places to dine, the surprise elements, tested the water etc...

So yesterday, was the day where our plan rolled-out. Apparently, Emily did not smell any rat. So I shall conclude that our mission is a success! Kudos to Emily's loving husband, Dylan.

Guess who is this little boy? He seems shy!
(Note: He is drinking water and hiding at the same time!)

The answer is...

And lastly a picture taken with the birthday mummy.

Oh suddenly it dawn upon me that we have a minor 'miscalculation' in the plan. Jayden is MIA.
He was with hi grandparents at home.

Happy Birthday, Hot MAMA!

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Blogger Emily said...

yes, a very nice surprise indeed! Thanks for organizing!

and I have concluded that Ziv only likes long hair gals. :(

12:02 PM  

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