Monday, December 14, 2009

My Christmas Schedule

Christmas is the season to be chubby, opps, I mean MERRY.

Christmas is so near that I don’t even have time to undergo the long-established custom of ‘losing substantial weight before the season’ in order for me to feast without a tinge of guilt. Well, I have to also admit that a part of me is recalcitrant towards the custom because I can still fit into the super skinny jeans which I have been using it to gauge my weight (apart from the cruel and impossible-to-go-wrong electronic weighing machine).

The thing about dieting is that you need to cogitate cautiously, you have to ensure that your shopping route avoid nice restaurants, you have to pack your weekend with activities with the son, pepper some sports activities in your weekday schedule etc…

Anyway, it’s kinda late to talk about dieting when we are about a week to the season to gain weight.

My schedule…

22-Dec: (can you imagine it started THIS early?) Dinner at Vanilla Pod with the usual ST suspects

23-Dec: Ex neighbour’s newborn baby full month celebration dinner at Carlton Hotel

24-Dec: Attempt to have a romantic lunch with just me and Kevin,
Dinner, present exchange, church and MJ with MJ kakis

25-Dec: Usual Christmas gathering with the in-laws and the relatives

26-Dec: Tradition Christmas party at home with the gang from NYP

27-Dec: Wedding dinner at Goodwood Park

1-Jan: Lunch buffet with my parents at Sze Chuan Court

2-Jan: New Year dinner with Emily at Conrad

3-Jan: Dinner with my family to celebrate Grandma’s birthday

9-Jan: Farewell dinner with R

What scares me the most is, the calendar is DYNAMIC, there won’t be any deletion, only addition.

How many Yoga lessons do I have to go after this??

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