Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

It is only in the midst of the festive season that I often find myself having sleeping problem and I am feeling extremely jaded. And it’s like I am living in a total different time zone and I mean, Pacific Time Zone. Let me expatiate, just last Sunday, I could not get to sleep until 4am, after tossing and turning on bed, I decided to surf net and did some mindless stuff. I woke up at noon on the following day. Went shopping and came back at 6pm and took a short nap till 8pm. Slept at 3am yesterday night.

Perhaps it is the tumult of the festive spirits that make my already erratic sleeping pattern go even more haywire. Hopefully, my sleeping disorder will abate as the festive season comes to an end.

In another separate and totally unrelated news, I got an awfully heartwarming Christmas present from my MJ kaki, she knew that my lucky stone is ‘Pearl’ and she bought me a pearl pendant from Citigems. I am so touched, even Kevin will not buy me my lucky stone.

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