Thursday, December 3, 2009

Case 39

Movie-going is usually the last activity on a mother’s to-do list, probably after, tucking her kid to sleep, amuse the kid, feed the kid, dance with the kid etc. However, lately, Kevin and I have been very privileged. I have my in law to look after Ziv for us during the weekday and so Kevin and I have ample time after work, and obviously I am ‘not used’ to working OT after all these years. Sometimes, we run out of idea of what we should do after dinner and then we go back to our pre Ziv days. Pre Ziv days means more time for leisure and one of the activities includes hitting the cinemas. I was given some complimentary movie tickets from American Express and they have been in my wallet for the past half year and just recently again, another pair from Standard Chartered, it seemed that I can never be able to utilize them completely, no matter how hard I try. Cause most of the time, we end up purchasing our own tickets because we decided to deviate from the designated cinemas for these free tickets due to full house for the blockbusters.

Back to movies and cinemas, another key reason why I haven’t been patronizing the cinemas lately is due to the movie pricings, they confounded me, vastly. The thing is, since when did movie ticket pricings varies from different cinemas, and since when there are different rates for adults, kids, senior citizens, students and lastly, since when that even the day of visiting the cinemas matters in terms of dollars and cents? I simply don’t fathom.

And one more thing, since when the cheapo gassy drinks and air popped popcorn cost more than an extra value meal plus upsize at Macdonald’s and they are just snacks.

I tell myself, no free tickets, and no movies.

Back to my original intent of this post, I wanted to tell you about Case 39. Since the free tickets are expiring end of this year and I think there won’t be other movie coming out soon that has nothing to do with Christmas, I decided to go for the not-so-popular movie, Case 39. This movie sends chills down my spine.

The last movie that made me covered my ears and eyes in the theatre for a good ¾ of the show was, Audition. And man, that was a waste of time and moolahs. Case 39 is slightly better, I covered my eyes and ears throughout ¼ of the show and joined the 2 other gals sitting next to me and made some really scary yells at fellow audience. The show was mentally disturbing and I hope it is not a true story retold. This show is great to watch if you want to take a break from the typical Japanese, Korean and Thai horror. It actually sends the entire theatre of people to stop breathing for quite a few scenes. It is worth watching than Ninja Assassin though I haven’t see it, cause having yourself breathing hard is better than having Rain to do the breathing. I don’t fancy him.

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