Friday, November 27, 2009

Baking and Me (Episode 3)

Who ever says baking is an inexpensive hobby is certainly wrong. I don't even want to calculate how much I have spent on the newfound hobby. The electrical mixer, assorted bowls/trays, trays and trays of eggs, pricey ingredients such as Hersheys chocolates etc.

Anyway, this Friday I decided to make something which Ziv really really love. Started baking at 12midnight because I went to Fair Price and Giant to buy the ingredients and necessary apparatus.

I love midnight baking, because no one is there to distract me or see how I fail.

This is the first time I tried a supposed-to-be reliable online recipe and as expected, it doesn't work for me and I ended up sleeping at 3am, feeling disgruntled. Woke up this morning at 630am to go Yoga class, came back drove Kev to spa together, went house viewing, and started baking again at 4pm using the same recipe.

Alas, mission failed painfully.

With these 2 failures, I lost 17 eggs, lots of flour, half pack of sugar... I feel bad not because I fail, but I wasted the ingredients. In the evening, I went to buy new ingredients and found new recipe, returned home at 8pm, started baking again.

I am in fact a very determined person and I hate to fail in things that are within my control.

Guess what?

Ziv ate 6 small pcs and kept asking for more. We had to stop him because it was near to bed time.

Another mission accomplished!!



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