Monday, November 30, 2009

A story and a moral

Here’s a story to share.

Uncle Ace Ho owned a supermarket and for the past quarter, his business was not doing too good.

So, he went home and told his kids, “Sorry kids, Daddy’s business have not been doing well for the past one year and for this year, I cannot afford to buy you chocolate for Christmas. However, to reward all of you for achieving excellent results in your examination, I have decided to reward you all with something lower in value, but hey, at least there’s something.” Ace Ho had a great wife, he educated his children to be scholars and they often top the class. Uncle Ace Ho continued, “Daddy will reward you all with not more than 7 sweets, and that depends on your examination performance, so if you got an A1, you will have 2 sweets, A2, 1 sweet and so on, but remember, not more than 7 sweets in total for all the subjects.”

Uncle Ace Ho was so proud of himself for thinking such bright idea, and he called my Dad. He persuaded my Dad to do what he did. When I learnt about that, I was so angry with Uncle Ace Ho’s stingy ways and even though I was just an average student in class, that doesn’t mean I have to settle for something less, cause at least, I behave myself in class and at home!

Luckily, my Dad was understanding and he still bought me chocolates and some other cookies because he told me he had a pay raise from his company. I am lucky to have such a good father.

Moral of the story, we don’t have to be scholar, or top of the class to be someone lovable to our parents, it is how much we are valued in our parents’ eyes (as a kid) and that is the most important thing.



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