Sunday, May 30, 2010

The EOS 500D Post

I say, I am not going to rely on BS to take good quality pictures for Ziv. That's because, after months and months of mulling over 'which DSLR should I get?' I finally got one today!

I have only myself to blame for having to pay a full-price DSLR, my procrastinate attributes largely to my inability to redeem about $1000 worth of vouchers from Best Denki using my Amex points. What to do? I was really busy the whole of last week.

However, I got a good deal. Or so I thought.

I am hopelessly oblivious about cameras, not to mention DSLR. Till now, I still do not fathom why are they given such name. And all along, being a lackadaisical person, I told BS, "I will buy whatever camera you bought, so you can teach me. (I can skip reading the guide!)".

He told me several times the model of camera he bought, and that's because I kept asking and forgetting. In the end, I realized what he bought and what I have been checking on were two different models. Sigh! A '0' can mean a great deal of difference in terms of functions and PRICE! I almost fainted when he told me his was EOS50D and it cost about $2699 and the one I have been looking around was EOS500D. Unknown to the fact that 'how long this fad will last?' and 'Kev's constant assurance that I will leave the DSLR at one corner of the house eventually and perhaps incessantly complained that it was giving me a backache when carrying it around my neck', I concurred that those what-ifs are pretty likely to happen, so I stick on to my plan and bought EOS500D. Forget about the vouchers, can save that for other shopping treats.

In fact the features of 500D is similar to 50D except for some fps stuff, both are able to capture 14.1mp and that's all I need. Plus I only want 'pictures with blurry background' and now I know they are call aperture shots or whatever...

Paying for the item was a breeze, but unknowningly collecting the item was like hell. I queued alone for an hour! (Ziv & Kev waited in the car.) And luckily I have iPhone to tide me through the mind-numbing lining up. And by the way, the fair was at Expo.

We were also late for our monthly dinner reunion with our ex-neighbours. Was starving that I kept ordering food!

The first thing I said to Kev was, "Please settle Ziv, I need to spend time with my new toy."

First model was of course Ziv, but he was not in the mood to take pictures because he was dog tired from playing with Little T while we had our dinner just now. So naturally, my next target will be Coby, and among all others there are Doramon, the clock, the cross, the DVD....

Coby, my obliging and camera-loving model.

Coby again. My best model. The shutter is fast enough to capture his licking moment.

The jackpot machine at home.

Ziv's handicraft from school.

Handmade Fathers' Day present from Ziv.

I practically took pictures of everything that met my eyes while Kev & Ziv both had an early night. These are what I meant by good quality pictures. Say adious to pictures with shiny arms and head.

And finally, to complete my first sentence in the beginning, I say yes that I am still going to rely on BS, for the fact that Kev is a photography-idiot, I still need BS to take good quality and artistic pictures of me and Ziv.

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