Thursday, June 3, 2010

A night visit to new abode

Tonight I visited my new abode. Was still under renovation, will probably be complete by end of this week. The new furniture is coming in next Tuesday so I'll be either on leave or "working from home".

Today I grabbed the opportunity to capture some night sceneries near my abode. The outcome?

Two words.

Worth it!

The camera worth the price.

Btw, while I was leaving my place. I saw this. The forgetful cleaning aunty did it again. Its funny what happen when people get older and memory starts to fail.

This is the first day where the 4th owner of the abode tour the residence. Apparently, he seemed to love the roof terrace alot. He was running freely in the open space.

Pictures taken from the roof terrace. Night view. It was close to 9:30pm when I took these pictures but they don't look like they were taken this late. Especially the clouds!

These are the pictures that goad me to improve on my photography.



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