Friday, March 11, 2011

Europe Trip: Italy - Venice and Milan

My mum used to told me about Venice and how much she would like to visit The City of Water one day. So, under my mum's influence, Venice has always been a dream destination of mine.

It was quite a pity that the weather was not too ideal for photo-taking, because it was too misty. We waited quite a while before it started to clear up a little. Well, think of the brighter side, at least we didn't encounter flood, as I know, Venice floods about 4 times a year covering about 14% of the town.

That aside, Venice is world-renowned for Venetian Glass, and below is a picture of a glassmaker making a glass out of some unknown material in liquid form.

We visited San Marco and bought some rosaries that uses the exact marble which they used to build San Marco.

We had lunch at this restaurant that served nice squid ink pasta. I am not a fan of that and so I didn't try and so does Kevin.

They call this Fish Soup. I wondered why, obviously this is a Seafood Soup. Nevertheless, it tasted good. I had seafood spaghetti and Kevin had lasagne.

Some pictures taken during our grandola ride. The ride was exceptionally fun because of the other tour mates who joined us. There were six of us and we laughed throughout the journey, cracked jokes.

They do look posh, don't they?

In addition to Venetian glass, Venetian mask is another tradition of Venice. The baroque style masks are typically worn during the Carnevale (Carnival of Venice). We bought a few as memento.

A picture of me taken at ATA Hotel. The furniture in this hotel are from Kartell for obvious reason, Kartell is an Italian company. In fact, Kartell is one of my favourite furniture brand available at Life Storey and Molecules. The most priceless item we got was our clock.

On the next day we head to Milan, a world fashion and design capital (apart from New York City, Paris and London).

We took a subway to Milan. It is a shoppers' paradise.
In front of Milan Cathedral.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Kevin checking out the map of Milan.

We left Italy on that day. And next up, posts on Switzerland.



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