Saturday, December 10, 2005

All I want for Christmas is...

Its Sat today, and here I am in the office working and feeling on the rack . I simply hate working. If not for money, I will quit. Let me digress to something interesting... What is your Christmas wish?

My wish list for Christmas (not in order of preference :))

  • Balenciagas Bag. It’s the “IN-est”, “MUST-HAVE” bag on Earth right now. Dump the “middle-aged looking” Birkins. I just want a Balenciaga bag. Any color will do… serious.

  • Motorola Razer in hot PINK. I got it in black cause I thought the local telecommunication shops are not going to carry the PINK one. Now I dislike my Black Razor.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany DVD. I combed all CDs shops in Singapore, but still, I can’t find it. I admire Audrey Hepburn; she’s the queen in my heart.
  • Any designer Lifestorey Sofa. My poor and NEW (less than a year!) XZQT designer sofa is now ruined all because of my dear Coby.

  • Tiffany diamond ring. I always imagine how it is like to pull the white ribbon off the little blue box… it must be exhilarating…

  • I also hope for forever long lashes, grow a few inches taller, 365 days of good hair day, 365 days of pimples free days, slim body and still able to eat like a pig, a wardrobe full of designer apparels, nails arts everyday and some other fantasies.

Alrite, you may notice that the list consists mainly of luxurious items… and you may think I downright materialistic and avaricious but hey, its Christmas!! They are WISHES and I believe we all have wishes that may be beyond our reach, at least I never say I want Ferrari. However, if God really grant me a wish that will certainly come true, I might have to write off all wishes above and to only hope for happiness for myself, my family, friends and Coby.

I may want another wish, that is, I hope Coby will never die.

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