Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gloomy Friday...

Today is finally Friday and here I am, stuck in the office, glued to my seat... How uninteresting… Oh God! I yearn to go HOME.

I considered Monday a public holiday a bless! Time to unwind myself…

Hope today is not as dreadful as yesterday where I reached home past midnight. *sign* The world is so unfair or maybe you can say that I have no team spirit. Kekeke… Let me analyze. My job is to test what the developers have fixed and ensure that the system is error free before releasing out to the client. Plus, I have to do documentation on the release. Very often I spent my precious time, waiting for the brilliant (supposedly) developers to finish their fixes then I can proceed with the testing. The waiting time is a horrendous! I feel so innocent. Developers will head home after their fixes and perhaps sometimes they will wait till we pass the test. Special note: I said “sometimes” Me? Stay in the office to test and complete the release documentation. Is this right? You may say I don’t have team spirit, but how about the developers? Do you think they have any when they leave their team members in the office?

If I am a developer, I will probably leave the jinxed office too. "Since I already finished my fix why should i wait... I still want to watch TV ok?!" So no point blaming them. Anyway, my conclusion is, there is not such thing as “Equality” in life. All this talk about equality… *sign sign sign*. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die.

Right now, 8:01PM, I am still waiting for the [not]-so-brilliant developers to finish up their work [mess]… wonder is their 30minutes-will-fix promise going to drag till 3 hours… keep my fingers crossed.

I can imagine it must be crowded at Orchard Road.... *sob*



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