Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Do i look fat?

Whenever I feel bored @ work, blogging comes to my mind. Maybe I have no passion for blogging; it only comes in “handy” when I am bored to tears. Throughout these few months or rather since May, I have been trying to shed off as much kilos as possible and it is no way that I am obese, I simply want to shed off some flab and that’s all. And now, people say I look/am anorexic. Imagine this situation…

“You look chubby.”, “You need to tone your flabby arms!”, “Yikes, your thigh!”, “I think you need to go on a diet.” Does anyone ever say this to you? Does that ring your bell?

I have heard plenty of such comments before the diet and I find that I can’t turn a deaf ear to those hurting (and supposedly, unintentional) comments. Those “motivating comments” provokes me to go on a strict diet regime, despite being in the healthy BMI range. I can’t help it but to think, this world is realistic, to be a traffic stopper, you definitely have to be pencil-thin, and being fat, chubby or having puppy fat, as a matter of fact, is a deadly offend and it is definitely a FLAW that is visible to all. Unlike some other flaws, which you can simply bury them behind makeup, fictitious facade, or in the cupboard at home. Being fat or chubby, one has no way to hide or run, and yes, don’t be so naïve to think black color clothing helps, cause you can’t wear black all year round, can you?

Given a choice of a slim lady and a chubby lady, most guys will undoubtedly choose the former. It is natural, even if the chubby lady is dressed in designer labels, with style, it probably doesn't matters.

Now, after my not-so starvation diet, I am still not pencil-thin (yet) but I am pole thin (perhaps). Anyway, yes, I am underweight now with a 17.4 (BMI) and the same people gave me other extreme comments. That makes me wonder, what is enough? I am always either too thick or too anorexic looking to them.

Sigh… I intend to carry on my diet regime irregardless of what-so-ever or who-so-ever, perhaps to 17 (BMI). I don’t even know if I am addicted to dieting or am I heading to join Nicole Richie’s club (I love her!). Or even maybe, vanity has gotten into me.

Conclusion? I may have taken too seriously about thin-skinned criticisms, or perhaps, when you want to make any causal remarks, think about the impact of your remarks; it could actually hurt the person more than you think. Or worst still, you may even forget about making such irresponsible remarks.

Maybe I should go back in time, to recap a child expression, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, (but words can never hurt me)”. It’s cute, isn’t it? It’s so brave to have said that.

If you are reading this, tell yourself, beauty is in the eye of the beholder who thinks you are slim. kekeke.... cheers!



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